We provide high quality services with our vending machines, serving hot,
cold beverages and snacks. We place our machines in offices common areas, buildings, schools, etc.
You can give your employees or your customers the chance to enjoy a break tasting the excellent quality of our Espresso coffee, Cappuccino, Hot Milk or Chocolate, Latte, Mocca...

Our coffee machines are  all “bean to cup” and are manufactured by the best Italian brands. Thanks to the selected coffee blends and the other high quality products used, we obtain the original taste of the authentic Italian Espresso and Cappuccino, at the touch of a button. 

Our snacks machines also provide cold drinks. sandwich, food and snacks from the best brands, for a quick meal or for a refreshing break.











                                     Why  Vending Machine?

As an employer, administrator, facilities manager or consumer product manufacturer, you are constantly on the lookout for ways of increasing efficiency, improving services or finding new routes to market.

Wherever people gather in numbers; at work, in hospitals, railway stations, sporting events . When it comes to meals, breaks and refreshments, variety, choice and fast access are of paramount importance. Liomaticltd in Thailand can meet these requirements and this is where the opportunity for vending begins:

These machines can operate also in master/slave with a sole payment system that is able to manage a banking composed of a master machine combined with up to two slave machines among the various models of the hot, spiral or can & bottle range. They are the ideal solution to create real and proper automatic refreshment points with a vast choice of products and to satisfy the needs of the consumers.

If its cold drinks you want to you came to the right place.
Take a look at the new and refurbished cold drink vending machines we have to offer.
We carry a wide selection of used vending machines that are high quality and best buy selections. Just because they are used vending machines

The cold drink vending machine has changed a lot over the past years and we can help you dispense just about any cold drink product you want to.


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